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Radiators are supposed to be hot, so when they are not you know that you have a problem on your hands, but what could be causing those annoying cold spots?

If it’s cold at the bottom

You probably have an issue with sludge building up in your radiators and heating system pipes. This is really common, particularly with older heating systems, but it is also fairly simple for a qualified heating engineer or remedy with a simple power flushing session. Once this has been conducted, your radiators will be almost as efficient as they were when bought new, no replacement necessary!

If it’s cold at the top/h2>
You might just need to bleed the radiators. Sometimes, air can get trapped and build up inside your radiators, rendering them far less efficient. All you need is a radiator bleeding key and a little elbow grease to let the air out. Start with the radiator closest to the boiler and work your way around each radiator letting their air out quickly. Once done, you may need to top up the boiler pressure to get things working properly again.

If you have other issues/h2>
You are probably dealing with a boiler problem, especially if you have no hot water. Call a qualified heating engineer and let them assess the problem, because a broken boiler is a serious hazard.

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