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There are different choices to be made when it comes to heating the house. The boiler is the most popular option and they come in all shapes and sizes, and they are run in different ways. Some boilers run on gas or oil and others are electric. Some are condensed and others are combination options. The other option is a heat pump.

Boilers work with natural gas or oil heating the hot water before it’s stored in the tank or on-demand, waiting to feed through the pipes and radiators of the house. The methods used by boilers and heat pumps are different, but they come to the same result. However, boilers are cost-effective in their boiler service and boiler repairs, where heat pumps often cost more to install, to run and to fix.

Heat pumps use renewable energy sources to run, over the natural gas or oil sources by boilers. Heat is moved rather than generated, and they can provide up to four times the amount of energy is consumed. Heat is, however, generated at once through the whole house rather than room by room.

The preferred option for home heating is the boiler. It’s been around for many years and while they don’t last as long as heat pumps do, they are easier to fix, with cheaper boiler servicing or repairs and the renewable solutions on offer are better for the environment. However, boilers are always going to be the most popular option house by house no matter the size or type.