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With a Greenstar System Filter, Boiler Plus compliance, and programmable room thermostats, the Lifestyle 8000 gas combi boilers from Worcester Bosch make a lot of sense for a lot of homes. With this installation, you can enjoy the best of modern boilers on the market, all with features to guarantee that your heating capabilities turn up a gear.

Whether you opt for the Lifestyle range, the ground-breaking tech on offer could change the face of your heating needs as you know them. Complete with intelligent controls, comprehensive connectivity, and the quietest operations on the market, you certainly won’t regret incorporating this model into your home.

As if those benefits weren’t enough to convince you alone, the Lifestyle boilers also come complete with a 12-year guarantee after installation. As such, turning your attention here not only means investing in some of the best boiler tech on the market, but you can also enjoy benefits including;

  • The best possible quality for money
  • A parts guarantee on even expensive replacements
  • Prompt repairs at any time of day
  • Peace of mind where your heating systems are concerned

As you’ll already know if you’ve dealt with a boiler issue in the past, guarantees like these can prove invaluable for ease, continued use, and reassurance that you’ll never be without hot water during the winter months. Pair this with the Lifestyle 8000 boiler’s high hot water flow rates, and it’s impossible to deny that you’re onto a winner.

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