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Your boiler doesn’t just heat your home, it heats your hot water. It’s vital that you are able to maintain your home feeling comfortable and for that to work, you need a boiler that is in the best possible condition. Without the right Gas Safe or OFTEC Registered engineer, however, you won’t be able to keep up on the repairs and boiler service that you need to complete. You need peace of mind that your boiler is in the best condition – it’ll mean that the system is running safely, efficiently and with as much support as possible.

If you are a landlord, you want to know your tenants are comfortable and your investment property is not vulnerable to insurance claims, costly repairs, and a voided warranty! If you currently have an electric boiler, you’ll be very aware that it doesn’t need as much management as a boiler does. Servicing a boiler should be done with the best experts out there who are qualified to do it, so make sure that when you pay for boiler servicing, that you ask for ID from the engineer. There is no right time of the year to have your boiler serviced, but the smart thing to do is to book your boiler service in the summer months. This way, there is more than enough time and most engineers have more free time in their diaries in the summer than the winter. Book your boiler service today!