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When it comes to energy bills, a lot of households worry they are paying too much to heat their home. But is it the case?

What’s the right boiler size?

It can be tempting to replace an old boiler with a modern boiler of a similar size. However, if your property has reduced heat loss risks through double-glazing or better insulation, the new boiler size may not meet your current requirements.

An oversized or undersized boiler will drive unnecessary costs.

What’s the most energy efficient boiler?

Not all boilers are made equal. Old boilers are less energy-efficient compared to modern models.

Additionally, some fuel boiler types are more efficient than others. For instance, oil boilers tend to be highly efficient. But they require a lot of storage space, compared to an LPG conversion which is both efficient and compact. Ultimately, regular maintenance and servicing will keep your heating system efficient.

Who’s the best energy supplier for me?

Don’t remain stuck in an energy contract that doesn’t work for you. It’s worth comparing suppliers regularly to secure the best deal for your household.

How do I heat my water at low costs?

Most households waste too much energy on water heating costs.

You can set up your water heater thermostat to a slightly lower temperature. There is no need to heat the water above 38°C, for instance, which means you can still have a warm shower without compromising on comfort.

You can also make similar water to energy reasoning when it comes to the use of the kitchen kettle. Unless you need to heat the whole kettle, it’s best to stick to the amount you need.

Staying warm without breaking the bank is not an impossible dream. We believe that with smart choices, you can keep your energy costs low without sacrificing comfort at home.