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Unlike our fire-wielding ancestors, we don’t need to create a fire and heat water separately to enjoy it. All we really need is a thermostat and a professionally installed boiler. That said, knowledge can only help you to understand both what your boiler does, and whether it’s the right solution for you.

Ultimately, boilers on the modern market fall under one of three main categories –

  • Combi boilers, the most common option today which offers both heat and hot water without the need for water tanks
  • Conventional boilers which store ready-heated hot water in a tank
  • System boilers which offer roughly the same component parts as combi boilers but with the help of steel hot water cylinders

Despite these differences in size and method, however, boilers are fundamentally furnaces, fuelled by either oil or gas, which heat water that’s then pumped around the home by an electric pump. Boilers can be switched on manually or set to switch on once room temperature drops below a certain level using a thermostat.

Which boiler is right for you?

Understanding these basic boiler processes is fundamental to selecting the right model. The question is, which of these boilers is best for you? Well, we’re here to help you to settle on this all-important decision, but some considerations to keep in mind include :

  • Space
  • Bathrooms
  • Your existing system
  • The heat/hot water you require
  • These answers, paired with the knowledge of what each boiler type can offer, is your best chance at settling for the ideal heating solution for your home.