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A boiler service isn’t the first thing that people put on their to-do list but this year, you really need to. There is about to be an energy price hike this year, and most people haven’t seen this kind of price rise – ever.

Instead of panicking about it, you need a boiler service as soon as possible. This will help you to ensure that your boiler is functioning as it should be, and there are many different benefits within your home to having your boiler serviced and ready for anything. You’ll save money on your energy bills, sure, but you’ll also prevent your boiler from being vulnerable to carbon monoxide leaks. This is so important if you want your home to benefit from savings and you will ensure that your boiler is working well at the same time.

A boiler service should only be carried out by a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineer, and you’ll ensure that your boiler is more efficient in the long run when you do. Your engineer will check your boiler for gas and pressure flow checks, internal main component issues and gas and pressure flow checks.

You want to be kind to your wallet while also ensuring that your house is running efficiently, and a boiler repair service is going to do this for you in no time at all. To find out more on your boiler services, check out what we can offer you today and book your boiler service and repair at the same time.