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Different noises, such as whistling, banging, and gurgling, may come from your boiler. Some of these are typical. However, they might be a sign of a problem if they persist or get worse.

Noises Your Boiler Might Make

A noisy boiler may indicate that your gas boiler requires maintenance. Gurgling, whooshing and vibrating are typical noises. Water movement causes gurgling, which is typically not a problem. Whooshing, however, could indicate that the pump has become loose and is moving around inside. While vibration is frequently caused by an obstruction in the air intake or flue. These noises typically don’t need to be taken seriously unless they persist. They can be fixed by resetting the pressure or bleeding your radiators to release excess air trapped inside.

Fixing a Noisy Boiler

Buzzing, humming, and banging are everyday boiler noises. These issues can be fixed by setting the boiler pressure or bleeding your radiators to remove air. But it’s best advised that you contact a reputable service for anything more complicated than these. This is because boilers have the potential to release harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Therefore, the task requires the expertise of a qualified engineer. So, look for the best local boiler repair company that can handle issues responsibly, safely, and legally. Or you could face severe legal penalties.


Low pressure, trapped air, or malfunctioning boilers can all cause noise. But if the task is more complicated than simply resetting the pressure gauge, be sure to call a reputable service.