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Choosing the right boiler for your home is important. There are a few things to consider to help you make the right choice.


How much space do you have for a boiler? Smaller homes tend to have limited storage space, which means you probably can’t have a separate hot water tank. If you don’t have room for a boiler, hot water tank, and a cold-water tank, then a combi boiler is a better choice for you.

Existing System

Do you want to keep the same system that you already have? It’s usually a good idea to keep the same system if you want to make the change practical and affordable, but sometimes it is better to choose a new system. An older home is more likely to need a new system than a new build, for example. Remember that different systems will need different amounts of space.

Hot Water

The kind of boiler that will work best for your home will also depend on the amount of hot water that you use. If you are likely to want to use hot water at different outlets at the same time, like doing dishes at the same time as someone is showering, then a system or conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder is likely to be better for you than a combination boiler.

Whichever boiler you choose, you need a professional to fit it, so you know it’s safe and working correctly. To discuss our boiler installation services, call us on 01275 400687 or email us on