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If there is a leak with your boiler, it can be extremely concerning. You may be wondering why my boiler is leaking, and what should I do about it? The thing is there are two likely scenarios to this. Your boiler either needs a repair or is due to be replaced. The main thing to do is to recognise why your boiler is leaking and to take the right action. Here are some of the things to think about.

Is there an issue with pressure?

It could be that you have found that there is an issue with the pressure of your boiler. Too much pressure can be a cause for concern. If you think this is a problem. then get in touch with an engineer to check this out for you. It could likely be fixed.

An issue with the overflow pipe?

Most of the time water could mean that there is an issue with the overflow pipe. It might be that there is a crack or possible element in which water is escaping. Again. you may want to speak with an engineer to give it a closer look.

Is there an expansion vessel failure?

Another thing that could be causing a problem is an issue with the internal part which is the expansion vessel. This is likely something you won’t be able to spot, so if there is no obvious reason for the leak then an engineer may recommend looking at it.

In conclusion

If it comes to it, trying to work out where the leak is coming from would be your first port of call, then using the shut off valve to stop the water. A heating system engineer should be called to investigate the emergency further and to advise whether it can be repaired or whether the boiler needs replacing.