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There are a few things you must do before calling a professional heating specialist if your boiler has stopped working. This includes the following:

Checking The Condensate Pipe

Your boiler’s condensate pipe may freeze in cold weather, resulting in a blockage. If the pipe has been frozen, it must be thawed. This should occur naturally throughout the day when the temperature is higher.

Check The Settings And Controls

If you have a timer, make sure it is properly set and that it turns on at the appropriate time. Also, ensure that the thermostat in the room is properly adjusted. Increase the temperature settings on the thermostat since the boiler will only turn on if the temperature on the thermostat is greater than the temperature in the room where it is situated.

Try The Reset Button

There are several safety mechanisms inside a boiler that might sometimes trip, requiring your boiler to be reset. Most boilers can be reset by pushing the reset button, which is usually located on the front of the boiler.

Make Sure The Pressure Isn’t Too Low

Low pressure is commonplace in combi boilers, and it might cause your boiler to operate at a lower capacity than usual. When the boiler is cold, the pressure reading should be about 1 bar.

Check Your Radiator

It’s possible that you’re having problems with your radiator rather than the boiler.

If you’ve done everything above and your boiler still isn’t working, you’ll need to contact a qualified gas professional as soon as you can.