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If your boiler breaks down and you call out an engineer, you should always check the detail around the issue. It might not always be best to repair your current boiler, due to age, efficiency or other factors. If your boiler frequently breaks down, or if the repair work sounds significant, discuss the options to replace it with your engineer.

However, before you’re in that position, we will outline some potential reasons to support replacing your boiler instead of repairing to help you understand the options you have.

The most important consideration when it comes to boilers is safety. If you have an older boiler it may no longer meet the latest safety regulations, so be sure to ask your engineer about this. If your boiler no longer meets these regulations you should look into options for installing a new one to keep your home safe.

If you have an older boiler but it still meets safety regulations it may still be best to replace it, as although it may be possible to repair it, it could still be susceptible to faults, and so a repair may only be a temporary solution. Think about the long term; a new boiler could seem costly at first but multiple call outs and repairs over a few months could also be costly.

If your boiler is 10 – 15 years old it is also most likely to be out of warranty, meaning all parts and labour will need to be paid for. Get a quote for the work to repair, but it may be that due to the age of the boiler parts are harder to find and expensive. Bear this in mind this when considering a repair vs a replacement.

Another question you can ask your engineer is whether or not your boiler is considered efficient. Some boilers use excess fuel to run properly which will contribute to higher energy bills each month. A newer boiler usually has a 90% fuel conversion rating, compared to older boilers that are around 60%, so a newer boiler could in turn be saving you money.

As with any boiler or heating enquiry you should always ensure you have as much information as possible before you decide on a plan of action. Hopefully this article has helped you think about other scenarios as well as inspire you to ask your engineer more questions if you do need a call out in the future.

Considering installing a new boiler? Get in touch to request a call out and we can carry out a boiler assessment and suggest the best next steps for you.

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