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We are often asked by customers why their central heating is so loud. Many homes that have older central heating systems can suffer from strange sounds from their pipes but don’t worry this usually isn’t anything too serious. Here is a breakdown of the most common noisy pipe problems and potential fixes to give you peace of mind!

One common cause for noisy pipes is actually as a result of a loose pipe. This might sound worrying but it’s perfectly normal. Over time pipes can become loose due to the constant change in temperature. If you notice a rattling noise and you have some pipes exposed, take a look and see if you can notice any movement. If you do, simply try tightening up the bolts to hold them more in place and you should notice a reduction in noise.

If you have copper pipes installed in your home they may be making noises due to the properties of copper. They are popular pipe material as they can cope with extreme heat and expand accordingly as they adjust to the change in temperature. It is this expansion that could be making the noise. This is most likely if you notice the pipes making a noise when the heating is on or running a hot bath. It’s just the pipes doing their job. If you want to try and dampen the noise, you can investigate having the pipes insulated or reduce the temperature of the water so that the heat change isn’t as intense, and the pipes can warm up gradually.

Finally, if none of the above seem applicable there is a potential that the noise is due to high water pressure. If that is the case, this may require our help. High water pressure can create noise as the water is being pushed through the pipes too quickly and could lead to a leaking or even burst pipe. If you are concerned that the noises are due to water pressure, get in touch and we can arrange to have a trained professional come and take a look.

If you are worried that it is your boiler is actually making the noise and not the pipes, you may need a new boiler installed. We can help you there too, book an appointment with us today to find out more.

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