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A boiler is something found in every home and is paramount to heating the home. Boilers work by using electricity or gas to pump heat to radiators around your house. One of the most important things to remember with your boiler is that in order to have it be as efficient as possible, you are going to want to keep it maintained and serviced. Servicing is vital for ensuring it’s working as it should and you are getting optimal heat for your house. If you’re wondering just what a boiler service entails, we’ve rounded it up below:

How do I Know it’s Time to get my Boiler Sent in for a Service?

You need to get your boiler serviced at least once a year and it should be before winter arrives. This will ensure it’s in the best condition possible once the cold weather hits.

What will be Checked at my Boiler Service?

The following will be checked during your annual boiler service.

  • A visual inspection of your boiler
  • Checks of the piping and flue terminals and that there are no leakages or obstructions
  • Checking the controls work as they should
  • Checking the gas and pressure flow
  • Confirming the boiler operation is as it should be
  • Record all the findings and make sure it is fit for use going forward

To find out more about a boiler service and what is included, contact us at L & P Heating. We can be reached on our website, by email or on the phone and would love to help.