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You may have heard of Powerflushing and how it can help your heating system, but you don’t always know all the benefits that it offers.

Powerflushing is a technique that engineers use to clean out sludge rust deposits from your central heating system. Usually, it involves using a special machine that pumps a cleaning solution throughout the internals that breaks down rust deposits and prevents them from forming again in the future.

The benefits of this process, as you might imagine, are quite extraordinary, and they can make a massive difference to your energy bills.

Reduces Maintenance on Your Heating System

When sludge impedes the flow of water in your central heating system, other components have to work harder. The boiler has to heat water for longer, and there’s more pressure on pumps and valves. You can often wind up spending thousands putting things right.

Powerflushing, however, reduces overall maintenance costs by re-establishing the free flow of water. When this happens, water can heat all areas of the radiator, and heat energy can better transfer to the surrounding air.

Reduces Central Heating Noise

Sometimes sludge can also cause central heating systems to make noise. Many homeowners have to put up with banging and clattering sounds every time they adjust the thermostat. Often this isn’t just pipes expanding, but the effects of sludge preventing the free flow of water.

Powerflushing helps to eliminate these blockages, making central heating quiet again.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster heating
  • Reduction in energy bills by up to 25 per cent/li>
  • Improved efficiency/li>

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Lee Gibbs Direcor of L&P Heating Services Ltd