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Boilers require regular maintenance and servicing which can be a hassle without a boiler care plan. Boiler care plans allow customers to pay monthly installments that cover boiler services and repairs whenever they are needed. Care plans can range from basic boiler cover to heating controls and pipework. 

Benefits of Boiler Care Plans

There are many benefits of having a boiler care plan including avoiding the hassle of finding someone to fix your boiler when you need it most. Here are some of those benefits.

Save Money

When your boiler needs an annual service or a repair needs to be made, it can be costly to call someone out to do it. In addition to labour costs, you’ll save on costs for parts and costs for emergency call outs. 

Peace of Mind

Having a boiler plan means you’ll be covered for an annual service. If your professional plumber sees a potential problem, you can get it fixed quickly. Without this type of care, a potential problem can turn into an actual problem. It’s not worth risking your peace of mind.

Additional Care

Ensuring your heating and hot water work properly is about more than your boiler. It’s a good idea to ensure your boiler controls and pipework are covered too. Your boiler care plan could include these for you so your whole heating system is covered in one plan.

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