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If you’ve ever had gas boilers in your home, you’ll likely know how important it is to look after them. Regular boiler service and repair in Bristol is essential to this, but that doesn’t mean you’ve put much time or effort into it. That could be because you think it’ll take a lot of time and effort.

With a boiler care plan, it shouldn’t have to. It’s worth looking at what these are and their benefits.

What Is A Boiler Care Plan?

To put it simply, a boiler care plan is a plan you’ve put together with your boiler company to carry out regular repairs and maintenance. While exact features depend on the plan itself, it usually entails the company carrying out any work that’s needed on your new boiler at key intervals.


Now we’re on the same page about what boiler care plans are, you might wonder why you actually need one. If the benefits weren’t already obvious, it’s worth diving into what these are. Some of the more notable of these are:

  • Peace of mind
  • More control
  • Longer lasting boiler

When it comes to a new boiler, care plans can make a significant difference in how long it lasts. If you’re getting a new one installed, there’s no reason not to consider a care plan alongside it.

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Author: L & P Heating