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Buying a boiler is an expensive affair and what further adds to the expenditure is the money spent on its repairs when the boiler breaks down. To avoid the trouble that comes with the breakdown of boiler and also to save on unnecessary outlay, it is better to get the Annual Boiler Servicing. Many overlook the benefits of yearly boiler servicing which is why we have written this blog to throw light on the its importance:

Safety comes first

Nothing matters more than your safety and security and that of your family members. And, the boiler can pose a great threat to your health if it leaks the poisonous Carbon Monoxide, or the silent killer as it is sometimes called.

With the boiler being annually serviced, you can be rest assured that it is being checked for any sort of leakage. Gas Safe Registered engineers use a flue gas analyser to know whether or not the boiler is working fine.

No more paying high heating bills

The common misconception is that the boiler servicing costs a lot and is useless, but in actuality, the reverse is true; servicing the boiler makes sure that it is running efficiently and consumes less energy and hence keeping the energy bills low.

Save on boiler repairs

If the boiler is not annually checked, chances are that it may breakdown suddenly and require an immediate repair. Situation like this will not only cause you trouble, but also a hefty sum of money. It is therefore advisable to get the boiler serviced timely from an experienced heating engineer.

Stay under warranty

Most boiler warranties are valid only if the boiler is serviced on an annual basis. So, if you don’t want to void a warranty, don’t skip out on the yearly check-up and make sure that your boiler is safe to use.

Peace of mind

With the heating engineer carrying out all the safety checks, you’ll be rest assured that the boiler is working fine and everybody at home is safe.

Now that you know the importance of yearly boiler servicing, you should make sure that you get one for your boiler. Also, hire only Gas Safe Registered engineers for the purpose. We, L & P Heating Services Ltd are one such company with a team of qualified engineers. If you seek servicing/repair or installation of a new boiler, get in touch. Contact us and get an Instant Boiler Quote In Bristol for all boiler related needs.

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