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Installing a new boiler in your home can have a bigger effect on the environment than you think. With any old boilers, they’re working much harder to heat your home and as a result, waste more energy. It is, therefore, important to replace them when the time is necessary. Here’s how installing a new boiler can reduce your carbon footprint.

All boilers that are now produced by manufacturers have to adhere to some strict guidelines. They must meet minimum standards that have been set out in order to make everything we use, more energy efficient. If it doesn’t meet those standards, it doesn’t get sold to the public. Now with old boilers, they didn’t have to meet such strict guidelines, and so they’re likely more impactful on the environment than you realise.

Reducing your carbon footprint is key and as well as replacing your boiler, taking shorter showers and being conscious of the appliances you use is also important. Your appliances will also have different energy efficiency ratings, and it’s good to know what’s productive to the environment and what isn’t. Smart meters can be key in pinpointing the problems so that you can replace appliances where necessary.

New boilers have a lot more features that you can take advantage of that some older boilers won’t have. This can be even more advantageous for you to keep track and monitor your energy usage.

If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment, replace your boiler when the time comes to do so.