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At the moment, gas prices in the UK are at an all-time high. Staying warm will be more difficult as a result. Here are some ways to save energy this winter:

  • Don’t neglect your boiler
  • Use better lights
  • Consider smart thermostats
  • Keeping a boiler in good working order can reduce gas consumption and prevent shutdowns. You can also replace standard electrical items with low-power versions. Additionally, you can save energy by using smart devices that automatically heat your home when necessary.

    Schedule a Boiler Service

    Most people use their boilers more during the winter. Regular maintenance is therefore necessary. You’ll also need boiler repair when it breaks down on the most inconvenient day. Schedule an annual boiler service with a Gas Safe registered engineer to prevent such incidents. Furthermore, an older G rated boiler uses more energy than a modern A-rated boiler since it is less efficient. Finally, keep your boiler in good shape through regular servicing.

    Use Modern LEDs for Lighting

    Increasingly, your home is filled with energy-consuming devices. Electricity is wasted when plugging in chargers and leaving appliances on standby. Lighting your tree for Christmas may also be energy-intensive. They come with many energy bills, but you can lower them by using low power appliances. LED lighting, for example, uses up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting.

    Switch to a Smart Thermostat

    Raising the heat to its maximum setting is tempting during winter as you try to stay warm. However, most heat is lost if you fail to properly insulate your loft, windows, and doors. Smart thermostats can help you keep your house warm. They keep track of your heating usage and adjust themselves accordingly. They can also increase or decrease the heat as needed. For example, while you are sleeping or at work.

    The amount of energy you use depends on several factors, but these simple changes can save you some money.