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At L & P Heating, we have a team of qualified registered Gas Safe engineers who can be there for you, for all your boiler needs. This can be anything from repairs to a full annual boiler servicing. Our engineers are more than qualified to deal with both residential and commercial boilers, gas or oil powered.

Regular Boiler Servicing

Every year you need to book in a boiler service. Without one, you could find that your boiler is breaking down too often and need a full replacement – and that can get expensive. An old heating system or boiler that has an open flue means that a service is important now and not later. Your heating system would be at a much higher risk of leaking carbon monoxide into the premises without a full service.

Regular boiler servicing can prevent this from happening and with L & P Heating, you can get the comprehensive attention that your boiler needs. Boiler services involve gas engineers checking your system for gas leaks, turning it on to see how it all works and cleaning the boiler and all parts. This can take as little as 30 minutes to do and our expert boiler engineers are efficient in their work!

A Smart Choice

Getting your boiler serviced annually is a smart decision to make. We can ensure that your carbon monoxide system is operating correctly, and we can ensure that you aren’t going to be suffering with carbon monoxide leaks, either. Regular maintenance makes for a smart, efficient and healthy boiler system.

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