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Are you a manager of a commercial property? If you are, it is your responsibility to have your property’s boiler serviced to check it continues to run efficiently and safely.

Boiler servicing can help reduce your business’ outgoings in the long run, as a boiler service includes cleaning boiler parts which can help improve efficiency. Improving efficiency means that the boiler doesn’t have to use as much fuel, which is how you can save money.

Now is a good time to start booking in your boiler service for many reasons. Booking it in for late spring / early summer means that you miss the rush. Many business managers will panic book their service closer to winter when problems may already start to be appearing. Doing it earlier helps identify any potential problems before they become bigger issues that can take longer to fix. A broken-down boiler can be damaging for a business as it could result in a temporary closure which can lead to loss of earnings. A boiler service can help prevent any unwelcome breakdowns!

We are experts in commercial boiler servicing and will complete the boiler service with as little disruption to your business as possible. Thanks to our extensive experience in commercial boiler servicing, we are fully aware of other elements that can be connected to a commercial boiler, such as ventilation and cooling systems. We understand the intricacy of a commercial boiler set up so will never risk any further damage to the wider system.

As with our domestic boiler customers, we advise commercial owners to have their boilers serviced annually to ensure they continue to work efficiently. Book in your service now to keep your business running smoothly and avoid any sudden disruptions! Contact us today to enquire about booking one in.

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