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If you are a homeowner or a landlord, you are going to need a fully comprehensive boiler care coverage plan. There is nothing worse than a waking into a freezing home in the middle of the night or receiving a call saying the boiler is broken and having no boiler insurance. You know that it is going to cost you a fair bit, there is the initial emergency call-out fee, plus everything else. So, don’t tempt fate and organise a care plan today.

At L & P Heating Services Ltd we provide many different care plans for our customers, and we can provide you with cover you for as little as £11 a month. That is some effective peace of mind for you. You can either pay monthly or annually, whatever you prefer. We have four main packages on offer, including:

  • Boiler service care plan – that are only £11 a month
  • Boiler care plan – this is our most popular plan and is only £15 a month
  • System care plan – for £15 a month
  • Full system care plan – only £17 a month

For a maximum cost of up to £17 a month, is it really worth not having the insurance to cover you for that vital home system the boiler? Getting the right care package is an easy decision.

So, if you are ready to cover your boiler and system against fate, then contact us at your earliest convenience on 01275 400 687. One of our friendly team members will discuss the options with you and work out which package suits your needs the best. We look forward to your call.

Lee Gibbs
Managing Director
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