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Un-serviced boilers can break down before the onset of winter when they’re required to take on an additional load. And when this happens, many homeowners wonder whether they can repair them themselves.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. In the UK, you’re not actually allowed to work on your boiler yourself. If you do and something goes wrong, it could invalidate your insurance and warranty. It’s also incredibly dangerous. Boilers use highly flammable gas, so you could hurt yourself.

Fortunately, you can easily find professionals who can fix it for you. Gas Safe registered experts have the qualifications that mean that they can work on your appliance without the risk of explosions, burns, or fires.

Boiler Under Warranty

Most boiler manufacturers sell units with a warranty. If there are genuine faults with the boiler and they weren’t your fault, they’ll pay engineers to fix them free of charge.

Most regular warranties only last a few years. However, you can buy some extended warranties to protect your boiler for up to ten years.

If the boiler is broken, contact the manufacturer and then put them in touch with us.

Boiler Not Under Warranty

If your boiler is not under warranty, you can still easily arrange repairs. Just contact us for professional repairs.

Installing A New Boiler

If the boiler is old or beyond economical repair, then the best option is to install a new boiler. This way, you can get a brand-new unit that provides you with reliable services well into the future.

We install and repair boilers so contact us today if you’re having trouble with yours.