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Boiler servicing is an important part of maintaining the boiler in your house. It should be carried out on a yearly basis, and if you’ve missed a couple of appointments so far, we can help.

Are you worried about the way your boiler is behaving? We can help you. Here at L & P Heating Services Ltd, we specialise in the local area, and can get to you as and when you need us.

A boiler service determines that your boiler is working up to speed; that it’s at peak performance, and that there’s no cause for concern against potential Carbon Monoxide leaks. It also ensures your boiler will not degrade due to age and helps to guarantee longevity in your current system.

Plus, a boiler breakdown can be quite expensive to take care of and can happen at any time. With a regular boiler service, you won’t be at any risk of having a boiler breakdown.

We can also offer you a 12- month guarantee on all of our boiler services, to ensure your boiler has the longevity and reliability to it that you require. We won’t just service it once and never be in touch again – you can rely on us to keep servicing and maintaining your boiler for at least a year after the initial appointment.

Be sure to get in touch; you can call us or email us for a free, no obligation quote concerning your household boiler needs.

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